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Test Tools

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Tester - Tel-Line - WEB SPECIAL

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Now troubleshoot cable pairs in seconds with the Tel-Line Tester. No more cutting, stripping, disconnecting & reconnecting. Plugs into 5-pin connector blocks to isolate the Central Office from the field at SLC Remotes, building entrances and Central Offices. Looks In or OUT with butt set or voltmeters. Tel Line Tester Only. Part # TC-TLTS 2...


Tester, Banjo Pro, TC-BJ100-PRO

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The Banjo Pro features convenient testing in both data and POTS environments. The black RJ45 plug is used for testing in eight conductor environments. "Just Flip It" to the red RJ11 plug for testing of two, four, and six conductor POTS environments...


Tone/Probe Kit - 701K

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Used to identify single conductors or cables within a bundle, at a cross-connect point, or at remote ends. KIT INCLUDES: 77Hp High-Power Tone Generator and 200Ep Inductive Amplifier in a rugged, woven polyester carrying case. Part # 701K...


Transmission Tester - 185T

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Rugged, drop tested to 10'. Generates four tones: 404, 1004, 2713 and 2804 Hz. Other features include C-message filter for noise measurements, switchable 600/900 OHM termination, True RMS AC converter for high accuracy, DCV, ACV, DCA, and OHM measurement, and audible continuity beeper. Dimension: 3.42"x6.77"x2.16". Part # 185T...


Wrist Strap Tester

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Easy-to-use, hand-held tester for all types of single wire wrist straps and ground leads. Compact, portable unit that reliably indicates the condition of the wrist strap, ground lead and interface to the user's skin. If system resistance is too high (>10 megohms) or too low (..

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