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Cable Bender "Trunk" Strap - R2849

Orders (67)

Strong strap allows user to bend and hold lead covered cable without harming the cable sheath. Has a buckle on one end and metal tip on other to prevent fraying and for easy insertion into buckle. Also used for many other applications where a strap may be required. Width: 2". Order by length required...


Cable Mining Wedge

Orders (18)

Used to raise and separate cables when inserting or removing cables from tray. Hardwood construction has hole to help when pulling out wedge. Order by Part # and size/type required...


Ratcheting Strap

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Also known as lashing straps, these load-rated cinching straps have one loose end and one end permanently attached to the buckle. Ratchet-tight buckle lets you apply maximum tension on the strap, but takes longer to tighten. Made of steel with yellow zinc dichromate finish. Strap is gray, ultra-resistant nylon. Equipped with quick-release hook with..


Wire Removal Tool - 724A

Orders (4)

Used for quick connect terminal blocks. Plastic coated (insulated) handle. Slot width: .050/.053. Overall length. 5 1/2". Part # 100755636...


Wire Unwrapping Tool

Orders (124)

Used to remove wire connections made with 20 thru 26 gauge wire. Order by Part # and style required...

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